The Dummies Podcast Ep. 13 “Deal Breaker”

“Deal Breaker”
This week on The Dummies Podcast, the guys discuss and respond to some of the feedback from last weeks questions that you our loyal listeners has posed. With the various topics stemming from relationships and mentorship, The Dummies put their unique perspective and spin on their responses to some of the questions that were asked. The guys also cover Complex magazine’s most recent article naming the top 50 albums of 2018! With sports, political, and entertainment news coverage “The Dummy Way” The Dummies bring to you their raw and unfiltered opinions. And as always, you’ll get this week’s “Dummy of The Week”! Stay locked to The Dummies Podcast!
“The Dummies Podcast Ep. 13 ”Deal Breaker”. Released: 2018.

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