The Dummies Podcast Ep. 39 “Lucky Charm”

“Lucky Charm”

This week on The Dummies Podcast the guys talk reparations. Begging the question what would be a fair amount, if any for all of the years of mistreatment by whites against African Americans in America. The guys also talk about the new attitudes and bans surrounding private prisons. With Colorado being one of the pioneer states to legalize marijuana, The Dummies talk about the the 6 billion dollars in revenue that the state has garnered. And in sports, the NBA draft had a lot of people talking about how their team’s season is gonna look next year. And with the return of the A mic from his vacation to Ireland, Stock recaps his trip and tells us how the Irelanders kick it. This along with Dummy of The Week on this episode of The Dummies Podcast.

“The Dummies Podcast Ep. 39 ‘Lucky Charm”. Released: 2019.

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