The Dummies Podcast Spec. Ep. 2 “Trap Tyler Perry”

“Trap Tyler Perry”

On This special episode The Dummies sit down with one of Alabama’s top videographers KenXL. Diving in on shooting and editing videos and how he comes up with concepts for his material. The Dummies also get into his upbringing and what made him want to shoot videos for all the different artist that he’s worked with. During this episode KenXL revealed personal challenges that he felt was Holding him back from growing and maximizing his potential. And in True Dummy form, The Dummies add their wittiness and high energy to bring you all yet another great “Special Interview Episode” of The Dummies Podcast. Tune in and enjoy!

The Dummies Podcast Spec. Ep. 2 ‘Trap Tyler Perry”. Released: 2019.

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