The Dummies Podcast Ep. 57 “Bum Bags”

“Bum Bags”

On this week’s episode of The Dummies Podcast, the guys remember John Witherspoon. And as the guys highlight some of the more funnier moments from the legendary comedian, they also discuss the week that was in entertainment. The Dummies also recap Classic Weekend. As one of the biggest HBCU rivaled football games in the country comes to a close, the guys share their highlights from the weekend. The Dummies also get a little more personal this week while answering the question “What kind of spouse are you?” Tune in to hear the innermost thoughts and opinions regarding said question. With sports and the hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” to follow, tune in and enjoy this week’s episode of The Dummies Podcast.

“The Dummies Podcast Ep. 57 Bum Bags”. Released: 2019.

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