The Dummies Podcast Ep. 101 “I Got A Question”

“I Got A Question”

The Dummies are back with yet another fun filled episode. As usual, the guys bring you a great show filled with their usual high energy and wittiness on one of the fastest growing podcast going! This week, the guys discuss the first Presidential Debate and the circus it was. Tune in to hear what the guys have to say as they lend their overall perspectives on the state of this country going forward. Also on this week’s episode, we discuss Jeezy and his new talk show. Listen in as the guy let you know whether or not they’ll be tuning in to hear what he has to say. And as always, The Dummies discuss the latest album drops this week. Listen in to hear what the guys are listening to and albums they recommend for the week. Also on today’s episode, The Dummies make their weekly picks in the upcoming weeks in the NFL and NBA. Also, tune in as the guys weigh in and share their thoughts and feelings about the things people say, but end up back tracking only to regret said statements in a new segment of “Said it! But now I’m apologizing for it!”. The guys also cover this week’s music and album releases. With the latest in sporting news to follow, as well as other topics, The Dummies are just thrilled to be able to bring you, our listeners a fresh New episode of one of the fastest growing podcast around. So tune in and try to figure out this week’s hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” on this all new episode of The Dummies Podcast!

“The Dummies Podcast Ep. 101 ‘I Got A Question” by The Dummies Podcast. Released: 2020. Genre: Podcast.

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