The Dummies Podcast Ep. 124 “Love Is Blind”

“Love Is Blind”

The Dummies are back with yet another fun filled episode. On today’s episode, the guys talk survivor’s remorse. Tune in as they answer if they feel bad for making it to the level in which they are now, versus that of their peers in which they grew up with. Also on this week’s episode, the guys talk Grammy’s and beg the question if it was damage control with the number of black artist that walked away winners this year. Listen in to get their take on the matter. Also, The Dummies discuss Coach Prime and how he is handling his first loss of the season, and did Alabama State take it too far with their celebration? Listen in to hear what the guys have to say. Plus, what the guys are listening to and albums they recommend for the week. With the latest in sporting news to follow, as well as other topics, The Dummies are just thrilled to be able to bring you, our listeners a fresh New episode of one of the fastest growing podcast around. So tune in and try to figure out this week’s hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” on this all new episode of The Dummies Podcast!

“Ep. 124 “Love Is Blind” by The Dummies Podcast. Released: 2021. Genre: Podcast.

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