The Dummies Podcast Ep. 167 “Hootie High”

“Hootie High”

It’s a brand new episode of one of the hottest and fastest growing podcast around. That’s right, The Dummies Podcast is back with yet another fun filled and funny episode. On today’s show, the guys discuss the Valentine’s Day and what it means to each of them. Listen in as the guys lend their perspectives on the issue. Also on this week’s episode, the guys discuss another innocent black man dying at the hands of yet another trigger happy murderer while delivering Amazon packages.Listen in as the guys weigh in and lend their thoughts on the the subjects. The guys also discuss the latest albums that were released this week. With more in sporting news to follow, along with the hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” segment, The Dummies are thrilled to bring you, our listeners yet another action packed episode of The Dummies Podcast.

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