The Dummies Podcast Ep. 198 “Angles”


It’s a brand new episode of one of the hottest and fastest growing podcast around. That’s right, The Dummies Podcast is back with yet another fun filled and funny episode. On today’s show, the guys discuss religion and where they stand as believers. Listen in as the guys discuss how they feel about the matter. Also on this week’s episode, the guys discuss rap lyric and ask the question if lyrical content was different, would it cut down some of these heinous crimes that take place? Listen in as The Dummies lend their opinions about the topic. As always, the guys discuss the latest album drops this week. Tune in to hear what the guys are vibing to this weekend following Friday’s releases. With more in sporting news to follow, along with the hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” segment, The Dummies are thrilled to bring you, our listeners yet another action packed episode of The Dummies Podcast.

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