The Dummies Podcast Ep. 120 “Shovel Sun”

“Shovel Sun”

The Dummies are back with yet another fun filled episode. As usual, the guys bring you a great show filled with their usual high energy and wittiness on one of the fastest growing podcast going! On this week’s episode we are we doing our kids a disservice by NOT exposing them to struggle? Listen in to get their take on the subject. Also on this week’s episode, the guys discuss the newest movie, “Judah and The Black Messiah” and “The Food That Built America”. Listen in as they lend their perspectives on the epic biopic and documentary. With the latest in sporting news to follow, The Dummies are just thrilled to be able to bring you, our listeners a fresh New episode of one of the fastest growing podcast around. So tune in and try to figure out this week’s hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” on this all new episode of The Dummies Podcast!

“Shovel Sun” Ep. 120 by The Dummies Podcast. Released: 2021. Genre: Podcast.

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