The Dummies Podcast Ep. 121 “Big Shot Jo”

“Big Shot Jo”

The Dummies are back with yet another fun filled episode. But today’s episode won’t be your usual Dummies Podcast. Jo and Stock hold it down as some improvising had to be made at the last minute, but although two of the guys were out, they bring some high energy and normal antics just as The Dummies do weekly. Also on this week’s episode, the CDC release COVID-19 Vaccinations Side Effects list. Listen in to see what they consist of. The Dummies discuss Coach Prime has his personal items, stolen but they were later recovered. Listen in to hear what else the guys are still listening to and albums they recommend for the week. Be sure to tune in as the guys weigh in and share their about “Yo MTV Raps and Unplugged” make their return to prime time tv. With the latest in sporting news to follow, as well as other topics, The Dummies are just thrilled to be able to bring you, our listeners a fresh New episode of one of the fastest growing podcast around. So tune in and try to figure out this week’s hilariously funny “Dummy of The Week” on this all new episode of The Dummies Podcast!

“Big Shot Jo” Ep. 121 by The Dummies Podcast. Released: 2021. Genre: Podcast.

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